Exploring India is a journey of a lifetime that you want to commit every now and then –and still you greed for more. The place is an addiction to the tourism world. It’s just mind-blowing, pretty much like nowhere else –as confessed by people who set off to the world tour. The country is like a world in its own. With 1.2 billion people sharing the space, vast and rich cultural heritage, diversified landscapes, Bollywood mantra and Taj Mahal –who wants to lose the chance to discover the treasure?

Indian Nature Expeditions
The country has multiple land forms that go from Goa’s trendy to Kerala’s calming beaches, hiking on Himalaya’s high mountain peaks to Ganges and Brahmaputra religious riversides, mystifying nature’s beauty of Ladakh or the desert, safari of Rajasthan and even South India wildlife national parks to the high life of Delhi and Mumbai, you just name it!

Culture and Heritage
India is top-listed on cultural and heritage tourism destinations. Of course Taj Mahal –the historical relic amongst the Seven Wonders of the World is a must-visit destination. It is the biggest tourist attraction as hundreds, thousands of tourists visit India every year just to see this. Besides Taj, people also visit the Jaipur’s City Palace Complex, Red Fort of Delhi, Humayun’s Tomb and the Big Temple also most visited places of India.
India is a place of multi-lingual, multicultural and diversified ethnicities. There is so much to see and experience as the extravaganza of local films, singing and classical dancing keeps the locals happy and fulfilled, as well as scrumptiously tasty and hot cuisines that are worth a try. Indians are crazy cricket fans and the game is famous enough to keep their sport enthusiasm on fire.