Ziyarat Places in MAKKAH

The desert of Arabia played an important role in the history of Islam. This is the place where two major life-changing events took place, the birth of Islam and the revelation of Holy Quran. Makkah is the birthplace of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the first message was revealed to him here. The grand mosque of Masjid-ul-Haram is also located in Makkah. Therefore, it is a city of greater significance and Muslims from all over the world travel to this sacred city for ziyarat. Every year millions of pilgrims visit Makkah for Hajj and Umrah. They also visit all the popular pilgrimage places in Makkah and get an in-depth knowledge about Islam and the life our Prophet and his companions led in this city.
Below are the top Ziyarat (Ziarat) places to visit in Makkah if you are planning to travel to the Holy city:

Note: All Ziayarat Places are not included in Al Sabeel Travels package